February 19, 2012

Black Butte

We went to black butte this weekend with Cody's mom, stepdad, sister Kendall and future brother in-law Garland. We enjoyed the beautiful snow, good food and relaxing.

January 23, 2012

2012 Picture Update

Ella is such a ham! As you will see from the pictures, she now enjoys painting and coloring :) Her vocabulary grows everyday! It's amazing. This weeks new words: snake, sammy, hank & daisy (daycare dogs), pizza and thank you!

December 22, 2011


2011 is coming to a close…. What a great year it has been: a new house, a new career, an ear infection free baby and lots of wonderful memories. December has been a blur. Lots of family events & holiday parties. Ella is doing very well. She is becoming quite the social butterfly. She is learning new words weekly and she keeps us very entertained and busy. She is such a blessing and we are reminded of that with every minute spent with her. Her smile and laugh brighten up any room and she is definitely the center of attention wherever she goes. Our baby is becoming a big girl quickly. Which reminds me that life is short, and you must enjoy every moment :)

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Excited to see what 2012 brings us!!